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Alex Monday is a girl who appears to be about 16-17 years, she and five University students are chosen for a study on '' Hell House '' was more to awaken the spirits there, it is because Dwight found them as they are all survivors of a massacre and they will be from Friday to Monday at dinner had a crazy butler named Hanson that his hand is all bruised, After dinner some students play with a ball that no one knew who played there the stairs . Alex while sleeping unknowingly gave a blowjob to the ghost Hugh Kane, she said she would become Mrs. Hugh Kane after that he opened the door and hurried out of her room. Near the end of the film, he walks into a room and sees a teddy bear and mirror with lipstick writing 'I love you' 'and a picture she took the face of Hugh Kane wife and put her face. He broke the cake, broke the mirror, and tore her picture and he realized that she had a gun and was angry he threw a chair it and then took a sculpture and tacou on his head and several large stones were down by ladder more it escapes, and falls to the ground and he says '' get away from me '' and then he throws it across the table and she says ''Why won't you talk to me'' and he plays a chandelier crystal in her head and she dies.

Alex Monday
Played By Tori Spelling [1]
Occupation University student
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family unknown
Current Status deceased
Parody Of Alex Munday (Charlie's Angels) Cindy Krueger (6sense)
  • His name Alex came from a parody '' Alex Munday (Charlie's Angels) Cindy Krueger (6Sense)

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