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Alex Monday
Played By Tory Spelling
Occupation University student
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family unknown
Current Status deceased
Parody Of Alex Munday (Charlie's Angels), Cindy Krueger (Sixth Sense)

Alex Monday is a crazy girl who thinks she is friends with Cindy and Brenda. She and five students attend Professor Oldman and his assistant to the Hell House mansion in a project to study insomnia. However, it turns out he is actually performing a paranormal investigation to look for ghosts. In the middle of the first night, Alex has a sexual relationship with the ghost of Hugh Kane; he lifts her up the wall and bangs her head on the wall. When she later plans to become Mrs. Hugh Kane, he quickly flees from her room. Alex pursues him relentlessly, converting his study into a love den with a teddy bear, a mirror with "I love you" written in lipstick and her photo replacing the face of Hugh's true love in a portrait. Angry, he shatters the cake, breaks the mirror and rips up the image. Wearing ghost-sensitive goggles, Alex searches for him and gets attacked by the enraged Kane. He throws a chair at her, and Ales tosses a sculpture at his head. He pulls down large stones from the stairs and throws her into a television as she falls down near the stairs. Alex still can't see him before he throws her across the table before she lands on the floor. She is almost crying before looking up and discovering a chandelier that falls on her head, killing her.

  • Her name Alex comes from a parody of Alex Munday (Charlie's Angels) and Cindy Krueger (Sixth Sense)

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