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Appearances: Scary Movie 2 Edit

Character: Edit

Shortys brain/Himself

Scary Movie 2: Edit

Although the origin of Beetlejuice within the Scary Movie universe appears to be unknown, it is implied that he is simply either an hallucinogenic representation or physical embodiment of the brain belonging to Shorty Meeks. Beetlejuice appears in Scary Movie 2 following a scene in which Hanson opens up the the skull of Shorty Meeks, exposing a miniature Beetlejuice within the cavity of the skull dancing to the song 'Insane in the Membrane' by Cypress Hill. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Physical Appearance: Edit

In Scary Movie 2, Beetlejuice appears to stand approximately 6 inches tall, and is clearly under the influence of drugs, most likely marijuana as this is favoured by Shorty Meeks.

Quotes: Edit

  • "Beetlejuice in the House"
  • "This is your brain on drugs, tee-hee"