Bobby Prinze
Scary movie1 bobby-008
Played By Jon Abrahams
Occupation High School Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Mother (name unrevealed), Bubba, Jim, Big Jim, Little Jim, Slim Jim (possibly brothers)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Billy Loomis (Scream), Ray Bronson (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Bobby Prinze is a fictional character in the Scary Movie franchise. He is the boyfriend of Cindy Campbell. He was played by actor Jon Abrahams.


Bobby Prinze is essentially a typical high school boy who likes partying and drinking although he does have an overwhelming obsession with sex with his girlfriend, Cindy Campbell. He blames the lack of sex in their relationship on his compulsion to murder his classmates in a conspiracy with Ray Wilkins. Bobby tries to be the dominant personality in both relationships, getting rejected by Cindy and by Ray. He tends to live in a trailer on the school grounds with his family, and due to his pauper lifestyle, he tends to wash his clothes in the school fountain.


Early Life

Bobby Prinze is a student at B. A. Corpse High School which he attends with Cindy, who he considers his girlfriend, although their relationship is almost entirely platonic. Their friends and confidantes include Brenda Meeks, Buffy Gilmore, Greg Philippe, Shorty Meeks and Ray Wilkins. At one time, he had a sexual tryst with Buffy in an incident that has yet to be revealed. During days when Cindy's dad was out of town, Bobby often went to her house to try to have sex with her. Despite their relationship working out, Bobby often became upset that their sex life wasn't good enough for him.

Last Halloween

In Halloween 1999, Bobby, Cindy and their friends accidentally knocked down a fisherman in the road with their car. Although he survived, he was afterward knocked out cold by a beer bottle casually tossed over their heads. They covered the possible crime up by dropping his body into the local lake which subsequently killed him.

Mass murders

The following year, after the death of Drew Decker, Cindy and her friends get notes reminding them of the man they killed. When Bobby's girlfriend, Cindy, is attacked by the killer, Bobby was presumed to be the killer. In a party, Bobby and Cindy have sex when he was attacked by the killer. Cindy helped Bobby, but he shot Shorty Meeks and revealed himself as a copycat killer along with Ray Wilkins. He explained that they are both gay. Finally, they were killed by the real killer, Doofy Gilmore.


It is later revealed that Ray survived the stabbing and attended college with Cindy and Brenda. It is presumed Bobby remained deceased due to his absence. Cindy's ordeal with Bobby however caused her some trust issues when it came to finding another relationship.

Murders committed

  • Heather's boyfriend (name unknown/confirmed death)
  • Heather (confirmed death)
  • Kenny (survived)



  • Bobby and Cindy
  • Cindy and Bobby
  • Bobby pulling off Cindy's panties to reveal her excessive pubic hair