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Brenda Meeks
Played By Regina Hall
Occupation Teacher (Scary Movie 3), Reporter (Scary Movie 4)
Appeared in Scary Movie
Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
Family Mrs. Meeks and Mr. Meeks
Shorty Meeks (brother)
Current Status Deceased (Scary Movie)
Alive (Scary Movie 2)
Deceased (Scary Movie 3)
Alive (Scary Movie 4)
Parody Of Hallie McDaniel (Scream 2)
Maureen Evans (Scream 2)
Karla Wilson (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)
Martha Meeks (Scream 3)

Brenda Meeks is a character who appears in Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4 and is Cindy Campbell's best friend and is the sister of Shorty Meeks. Her nickname is "Brandy", which is the name of the actress she parodies. She is played by Regina Hall.


Brenda was dating Ray who unknown to her (or anyone else for that matter) was gay. On Halloween the year before the events of Scary Movie, where she and her friends were out joyriding and hit a guy who turns out to be alive but they accidentally knock him out and throw him of a pier which then kills him. She stole a golden ring from when they were about to throw his body. Her half-brother is Shorty. She is very upbeat and hyperactive and chavvy.

Scary MovieEdit

Brenda and Ray go to the cinema's but Brenda is very disrusptive and chatty. While Ray goes to the mens room The Ghostface killer comes in with his knife in his pocket. The other moviegoers see the knife and kill Brenda before Ghostface can.

Scary Movie 2Edit

She appears alive in the movie despite being killed in the previous movie. She fights Hanson with Cindy Campbell and Theo in a parody of Charlie's Angels.

Scary Movie 3Edit

She now has a job as a teacher. She goes with Cindy to go see George do his Rap-battle, as she's there she states that she feels worried that something was about to happen to her and feels Cindy should help console her by spending a night at her place Cindy kindly agrees. Brenda Cheers with Cindy as George won but is shocked when his hood resembles a KKK sign. After this both Brenda and Cindy enjoy a friendly night , until Brenda mentioned that she watched the tape, worried Cindy noticed Brenda bleeding by the nose only for her too be pranked by her, Brenda then fakes a seizure and burning a fake hand only to anger Cindy. Brenda States she was kidding and goes to get the rest of the popcorn. Tabitha comes out of the TV while Brenda was watching it and the two fight amazingly Brenda gains the upperhand but Tabitha heals and kills her. Cindy still ignoring Brenda finally comes only to find her deceased body.At her funeral she had an open casket, George Logan and Mahalik thought she was still alive and trys to revive her but fails and tears her body apart.

Scary Movie 4Edit

She is alive again and is now a reporter. She helps Cindy and Tom fight against the alien invaders and has sex with one of the jigsaw puppets, giving it an STD which causes them to blow up killing them and destroying the alien s
Scarymovie4 brenda-008
hip. She is later shown with a jigsaw baby.

Scary Movie 5Edit

Neither Cindy Campbell nor Brenda Meeks appear in Scary Movie 5. They are replaced by the characters of Jody Sanders and Kendra Brooks. (The only returning cast members are Charlie Sheen and Simon Rex.)

Quotes and CatchphrasesEdit

  • "Ok now let that shit just mutilate her white ass and leave."
  • "Die bitch, please die!"
  • "I know you better get outta my face! outta my face, outta my face!"
  • "She don't love herself."
  • "She is as fake as press-on nails, hey baby girl!"


Brenda in Scary Movie 1 and 2 was the girlfriend of Ray Wilkins but numerous times Ray has shown signs of being gay and mentioning a man named Brandon.

In Scary Movie 4, Brenda had a small relationship with a man named Jeremiah. She then makes love to a Martian Doll named Zoltar (off-screen) and later gives birth to a baby a few months later.


  • In Scary Movie, Brenda alludes to her and Shorty as having separate fathers which would make them half-siblings.
  • Although Brenda is stabbed several times in the first movie, she still manages to survive to attend college with Cindy. However, in Scary Movie 3, she not only dies but has a funeral and her body is blown up, making her more dead than anyone else has been in the franchise. Yet, she still turns up alive so unless this Brenda is a separate character than the first or the consequences of her death were revoked with Tabitha's death, her return remains a mystery.
  • A pattern appears in both the Wayans and Zucker version of Scary Movie (Scary Movie 1 & 2 and Scary Movie 3 & 4) respectively. Brenda dies in the "first" part of each timeline (Scary Movie 1 and Scary Movie 3) however returns in the subsequent sequel (Scary Movie 2 and Scary Movie 4) with no explanation, although 4 does make light of the fact she had died.



Brenda Scary Movie Theater03:35

Brenda Scary Movie Theater

Scary Movie01:44

Scary Movie. Take it Brandon

Scary Movie Charlie's Angels HD03:01

Scary Movie Charlie's Angels HD

Scary Movie 3 Brenda Vs The Ring02:07

Scary Movie 3 Brenda Vs The Ring

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