Charlie Sanders
00charlie sanders
Played By Charlie Sheen
Occupation Actor
Appeared in Scary Movie 5
Family Dan Sanders (brother)
Jody Sanders (sister-in-law)
Lily Sanders (daughter)
Kathy Sanders (daughter)
Aidan Sanders (son)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Charlie Sheen (actor) and Jeffrey Desange (Mama)

Charlie Sanders is a spoof character in the Scary Movie franchise. His brother is Dan Sanders. He was played by actor Charlie Sheen.

Charlie lives in a remote cabin deep in the woods where he meets his girlfriend Lindsay. During a night at the cabin for intercourse, they hear strange things that Charlie passes off as nothing. After Lindsay is possessed by Mama, she threatens to "blow him," which he thinks is a euphemism for sex. After his death, Charlie's abandoned children are found and rescued by two stoners.