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Charlie Sanders
00charlie sanders
Played By Charlie Sheen
Occupation Actor
Appeared in Scary Movie 5
Family Dan Sanders (brother)
Jody Sanders (sister-in-law)
Lily Sanders (daughter)
Kathy Sanders (daughter)
Aidan Sanders (son)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Charlie Sheen (actor) and Jeffrey Desange (Mama)

Charlie Sanders is a spoof character in the Scary Movie franchise. His brother is Dan Sanders. He was played by actor Charlie Sheen.

Charlie lives in a remote cabin deep in the woods where he meets his girlfriend Lindsay. During a night at the cabin for intercourse, they hear strange things that Charlie passes off. After Lindsay is possessed by Mama, she threatens to "blow him," which he thinks is a euphemism for sex. After his death, Charlie's abandoned children are found and rescued by two stoners.


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