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Cindy Campbell
Played By Anna Faris
Occupation Anchorwoman
Appeared in Scary Movie
Scary Movie 2
Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
Scary Movie 6
Family Mr. Campbell (father)
Mrs. Campbell (mother)
Unnamed sister
Cody (nephew)
George Logan (husband, deceased)
Tom Logan (brother-in-law)
Sue (niece)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Sidney Prescott (Scream) in Scary Movie

Julie James (I Know What You Did Last Summer)in Scary Movie

Nell Vance (The Haunting) in Scary Movie 2

Rachel Keller (The Ring) in Scary Movie 3

Karen Davis (The Grudge) in Scary Movie 4

Cindy Campbell is the main character in the Scary Movie film series and is portrayed by Anna Faris. Her name is a parody of Sidney Prescott from the Scream series and her last name of Sidney's actress Neve Campbell's last name. Along with Regina Hall, who plays Brenda Meeks, Faris and Hall are the only cast members who have starred in the first four films. Faris is not in Scary Movie 5 because of her pregnancy.

Family and FriendsEdit

The only people in Cindy's family who have appeared in the movies or are mentioned are her father (in the first movie her father is a drug dealer, in Scary Movie 3 however she has a different father), her unnamed sister, a grandmother and her nephew Cody Campbell. She has been married twice, once with an unknown man and the other was George Logan who dies in between the 3rd and 4th movies. Her brother-in-law was Tom Logan. She is currently in a relationship with Tom Ryan.


Cindy is a beautiful, sweet and cheerful character, despite she seems soft-spoken and meek at first glance. She is very caring for others, such as striving to protect people like Cody or even the rest of the world from watching the horror tape in Scary Movie 3. She also shows an interest in animal rights avocation, helping the homeless and protecting the environment She matures from a clueless teenager to a much tougher and motherly woman, although she still displays levels of unintelligent or tactlessness at times. Cindy also does have a more violent side, even when she was a teenager, shown when she punched Gale in the face for telling her that her "ass looks fat". Cindy also has a rather unfortunate track record when it comes to relationships - her first boyfriend, Bobby, constantly tried to pressure her into being intimate with him and was later revealed to be both gay and a murderer, attempting to kill her; her next love interest Buddy was also rather aggressive and their relationship presumably did not last; her first marriage was also to an aggressive and disrespectful man, resulting in a divorce. Her most successful relationship was with her second husband George Logan, but he later died during a wrestling accident.

She is shown to be a good fighter as seen in Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3.



Cindy is one of the few characters to have a running gag about them in multiple films (The other being Ray). Cindy's gag involves her breasts. In the first film, she is shown to have a manly chest when she flashes Bobby and causes him to fall out of the window. In the second film, her breasts are not shown although Buddy calls her "A-cup" after he punches her, and Shorty says that they were orangutan-like while the group gazes over a photo of Caroline. In the third film, Cindy argues with her boss about the report on breast augmentation and exposes her breasts (inside of a bra), which are much bigger than referred to in the past two movies. Another running gag for the series is Cindy being covered in Jizz during the first two films in the first film when she finally goes to "The Next Level" with Bobby and in the second film when she gives Buddy a "Hand"

Scary Movie Edit

Cindy that has black hair is in high school and is in a relationship with Bobby Prinze and her friends are Brenda Meeks, Buffy Gilmore, Greg Phillipe, Shorty Meeks and Ray Wilkins. She first appears in the film using her computer. She hears and noise outside the window and going to check it sees Bobby who is has climbed up. Since she screamed her dad came in and told her he would leave the place so the cops won't find him and tells her to hide his stash, both of them say their goodbyes. Bobby who Cindy had hidden comes out from under the bed and tells her he was home watching "The Exorcist" which got him thinking of her. They proceed to have sex but Bobby gets electrocuted by Cindy's electrical fence around her underwear which her dad put there. He then proceeds to leave through the window and Cindy asks him if he would settle for a PG-13 thing and shows him her manly chest causing Bobby to cover his eyes and fall out the window. The next day she goes at school and along with Brenda and Buffy find out that Drew Decker got murdered last night and see reporters at school. Cindy is called into the principal's office where they question her about Drew. When the entire gang is at the fountain it is shown through a flashback that one day on Halloween they accidentally ran over a man and dumped his body at the pier where Greg made them swear to never mention it again. While at class Cindy sees Ghostface looking at her and finds two notes on her desk. One reading "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST HALLOWEEN" reminding her of her picnic with Bobby and another reading "NOT THAT BITCH, I'M TALKING ABOUT THE GUY YOU KILLED" which causes her to realize someone knows about the accident. Back at the fountain when Greg shows up ready to fight Ray thinking he took a picture of Greg's baby penis in the showers. Cindy then tells Greg that she also got a note and that somebody knows, when she says they should go to the police Greg punches her and throws her on the ground.

Scary Movie 2Edit

Cindy is in college and has made new friends that include Alex Monday and Theo Keyoko.

In BetweenEdit

Somewhere in between, her sister died after giving birth and Cindy took the baby in. She dyed her hair blonde so she is no longer a brunette. She lost her right eye during a fight in a pub, and got a fake one.

Scary Movie 3Edit

Cindy that has her hair turned blonde is a reporter and takes care of her nephew Cody. She meets George Logan and others in this movie.

In BetweenEdit

In Between the 3rd and 4th films Cindy was a professional boxer and had a match against Tiffany Stone. Cindy tried to punch Stone, but Tiffany bent down so Cindy was going to fall on a stool but George jumped in and snapped his neck on the edge of the stool. People at Cindy's boxing match get there necks snapped and one of them was the Grudge Boy (Toshio). Later Cindy sends Cody to Military school.

Scary Movie 4Edit

She is still the main protagonist in Scary Movie 4 and reunites with her supposed-to-be-dead friend Brenda Meeks. She is shown to be able to speak "Japanese", which The Grudge remarks to be terrible as it is just words such as Mitsubishi, Samurai, and Jujitsu thrown together. She meets her current love interest, Tom Ryan, in this movie.

Scary Movie 5Edit

Anna Faris will not return in Scary Movie 5 due to her pregnancy.

Bobby PrinzeEdit

Bobby was Cindy's boyfriend in the first Scary Movie. He also dies in the first movie after Cindy loses her virginity to him. He is played by Jon Abrahams.


Buddy Cindy's aggressive college boyfriend in Scary Movie 2. It is unknown what happened to him between the 2nd and 3rd movie, thought it is possible he never saw Cindy again after running away at the end. He is played by Chris Masterson.

Unknown ManEdit

Cindy had married an unknown man for a short period of time, he is a drunk,fat but rich man who seem to abused her. he was revealed in Scary Movie 4.

George LoganEdit

Cindy's late husband in Scary Movie 3 who dies in a boxing match before Scary Movie 4, he is the brother of tom logan and uncle of tom . He is played by Simon Rex.

Tom RyanEdit

Cindy's boyfriend in Scary Movie 4. He is played by Craig Bierko


Other lenguague


  • Cindy is one of the characters to survive a hit and run gag at the end of the first, second and third film, with her being hit by a car, driven by Doofy (Scary Movie), Hanson being hit by a car, driven by Shorty (Scary Movie 2), and Cody being hit by a car twice; once in the beginning as Cindy accidentally backs her car into him and once in the end as George almost backs into him, only for him to get hit by a white truck afterwards.
  • Like Brenda and Theo, Cindy is good at martial arts (seen in the first three films).
  • In the 1st and 2nd movie,her hair is black but in the 3rd and 4th,her hair is blonde.
  • In the 1st and 2nd movie, she was told she had very unattractive breasts (the first film, she shows Bobby a "pg-13" version of her breasts, which are actually revealed to be a man's chest. In the second film, she received a lot of criticism for having less perkier boobs than Caroline). In the third film, she show her breasts to her boss, which attracts attention and later leads to a wild party. In the fourth film, a hand was seen trying to touch her chest.  

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