delia Gilmore or Kathryn hailstorm is the former daughter of doofy gilemore and the niece of Buffy and greg

Kathryn hailstorm
File:Cindy .4pg
Played By Rita Simons
Occupation housewife. Doctor
Appeared in scary movie 6
Family  :Gail Hailstorm (mother)
Doofy Gilmore (Father)
Buffy Gilmore (aunt)
Brian Peterson (Ex-husband)
Zoltar (husband)
Unborn baby (with Zoltar)
Janet Peterson (daughter)
Larry Peterson (son)
Steven Peterson (son). Greg Phillipes (uncle)
Current Status alive
Parody Of Lynn Denlon (saw:III) and Sarah Darling (Scream 3) And Diane Freeling (Poltergeist). Terry Flanders (h20)

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