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Doofus "Doofy" Gilmore
Played By Dave Sheridan [1]
Occupation Special Police Officer
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Buffy Gilmore (Sister), Gail Hailstorm (Girlfriend), Deila Gilmore (daughter)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Dwight "Dewey" Riley (Scream series)
Doofy Gilmore is the true main antagonist of Scary Movie.  During the movie, Doofy is depicted as a mentally disabled police officer working for the Steveston County Sheriff's Department. Gail attempts to flirt with Doofy in order to obtain information for her report, but Doofy refuses to give up any information and even telling the audience "Gail swallows" in reference to their earlier conversation about drool. He is the Ghostface killer revealed at the end of the movie and tries to kill Cindy. She manages to beat him by kicking him through the window. Cindy begins to piece together clues about Doofy and realizes he is behind everything. Doofy's mental disability is also revealed to be fake as Doofy is seen at the end walking normally, ripping off his fake mustache and the top of his cop uniform, lighting a cigarette and hopping into a car with Gail and throwing his fake backpack out of the car.


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