Drew Decker
Played By Carmen Electra
Occupation High School Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Mother and Father (names unrevealed), Steve (brother)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Casey Becker (Scream)
Judith Myers (Halloween)
Max Bananason (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
Delia the Executioner (Executioner)

Drew Decker is a fictional character in the Scary Movie franchise and an acquaintance of Cindy Campbell. She is the first victim killed by Ghostface; she was played by actress Carmen Electra.


Drew Decker was a popular girl. Her boyfriend was Noel Herman and they attended B.A. Corpse High School. Drew had a older brother Steve and their parents are Mr. and Mrs. Decker. She was in the same English class as Cindy Campbell and was the recipient of an infatuation from Doofy Gilmore, the brother of Cindy's friend, Buffy Gilmore.

While at home on Halloween and making popcorn to watch movies, Drew got a phone call from a strange killer that asked her if she liked horror movies, but the call becomes uncomfortable when she learns he is watching her. The caller briefly torments her with a male figure held hostage at poolside he thinks is her boyfriend, but Drew denies dating the hostage. She hangs up once, but she gets so scared that she beats up trick-or-treaters with a bat on her front porch. Eventually, Drew discovers a figure in her house dressed as the grim reaper. She flees out the back door with the killer in pursuit, who grabs her at her clothes, which then rip off her body, leaving her in just her bra and underwear as she runs through the sprinkler system. He finally catches up with her and stabs her in her breast, pulling out what looks like a silicone implant. Drew still manages to make it to her driveway and sees her parents coming home. She runs to them screaming for help, but her father is so distracted that he hits her with the car, knocking her into the air. Drew gets thrown up into the air and landing on the ground behind it where the killer finds her and kills her.


  • Ray Wilkins mentions Drew's brother, Steve, after hearing about her murder.


  • Drew of course, goes to Death
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