Father Harris
Played By Andy Richter
Occupation Reverend
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family Mrs. Harris (Mother) Jillian Harris little (sister )a daughter
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Father Damien Karras (The Exorcist)
Father Harris is a character who has only appeared in the opening scene of Scary Movie 2. He is a reverend and is played by Andy Ritcher. He is seen attending Mrs. Voorhees party, where he's seen playing Shake Ya Ass (Better known by its clean title Shake It Fast) by Mystikal on the piano as the partygoers sing along with him. The party ends abruptly when Megan Voorhees urinates profusely on the floor. Harris and Father McFeely are in charge of performing an exorcism. The exorcism doesn't go as planned (Harris's lips get stuck to his crucifix due to the cold temperature of the room, a vomiting chain starts with McFeely, McFeely attempts to molest Megan, and Harris learns that is mother is also in bed with Megan). Finally, McFeely ends the exorcism by shooting Megan in the head after she harrasses his mother.

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