Father McFeely
Played By James Woods
Occupation Reverend
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family None known
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Father Lankester Merrin (The Exorcist)

Father McFeely is a character in the Scary Movie franchise; he was played by actor James Woods.


Father McFeely (first name unknown) is a priest who was called upon by Father Harris to perform an exorcism on Megan Voorhees at the Voorhees Mansion. Upon arrival, he goes to bless the house which turns out to be a pretext to use the bathroom. He is extremely apprehensive to start the exorcism, and Harris has to bring him back. During the exorcism, he responds inappropriately by flirting with Megan and getting into a vomit-induced quarrel. During the exorcism, McFeely even tries humping Megan, but when the exorcism turns out to be fruitless and turns into a barrage of insults, he pulled out a gun and shot Megan, killing her.


  • In one deleted scene, Father McFeely shows up with the police to rescue Cindy Campbell, who he seemingly knows, only to reveal she is the only survivor and everyone died.
  • James Woods was supposed to return for Scary Movie 3, but for some reason, this didn't happen and Darrell Hammond was brought in as Father Muldoon.

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