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Hugh Kane
00hugh kane
Played By Richard Moll
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family Caroline (Wife)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Hugh Crain (The Haunting)

Hugh Kane is the spirit of Hell House and the main antagonist in Scary Movie 2. He was the owner of Hell House around the 1700s or 1800s, and had a wife named Caroline, but he was obviously very unfaithful as a husband, because Caroline suspected that he was having an affair with their babysitter Victoria (even though he and Caroline were childless) and this led to Caroline actually discovering Hugh and Victoria having sex on their living room floor. Caroline murdered Hugh in revenge. But his ghost returned to haunt Hell House with a malevolent intent.


A girl named Megan Voorhees staying at Hell House became possessed by Hugh Kane. Hugh is very intolerant of other people staying in his house, more so when they act as if it is theirs. As Megan, Hugh urinated on the carpet, embarrassing Megan's mother in front of her guests, and who then called in two priests to attempt to exorcise the spirit of Hugh from Megan and to bless the House. The exorcism failed when Hugh insulted Father Harris' mother, and he shot Megan dead, killing her, but also inadvertently releasing Hugh Kane back into the House.

Attacks on the TeensEdit

When Professor Oldman, Dwight Hartman, and his students Cindy Campbell, Brenda Meeks, Ray Wilkins, Shorty Meeks, Buddy Perkis, Theo Keyoko, and Alex Monday go to Hell House, Hugh Kane begins his rampage in the house. Cindy and Buddy find Kane's study, where it contained the journal of his dead wife, Caroline, who is also haunting the house.

He striked Alex first by having "paranormal sex" with her, giving Alex an obsession on him. He later possessed the old family cat Mr. Kittles and used him to attack Cindy when she was going to read Caroline's diary. after that he possessed a toy clown that was used to attack Ray, but Ray turned the tables by raping the clown. He then possessed a marijuana plant and used to attack Shorty and turn him into a cigar-like object and smoked him, but was stopped when Buddy, Ray, and Brenda bribed the monster with chips and left.

Eventually, after Professor Oldman was killed by Caroline's ghost, Kane locked them all in with no way out, so the others had to use thermo-goggles and energy guns to battle the ghost. However, he possessed his skeletal remains and sent it after Cindy, but was defeated by Cindy and Brenda who rearranged the skeleton's bones around. He then attacked Buddy by giving him a levitational wedgie but Cindy stunned him, letting Buddy go.

When he came back to his secret study, he found it vandalized by Alex proclaiming her love for him, and hated her after she gave him crabs. Eventually he killed her by dropping a chandelier on her head. He then trapped Cindy and Buddy in the freezer, but they got out when Cindy built a mini bulldozer using simple household items. Soon, he dueled with Dwight in a wheelchair joust, which resulted in Dwight's gun losing all ammunition and getting thrown out the window.

He eventually possessed Hanson and kidnapped Shorty, who he then drugged and tried to eat his brain, but it took form of Beetlejuice the rapper. He then fought Cindy, Brenda, and Theo, but they were rescued by Buddy when they got a machine that could destroy Kane's ghost. Eventually, the ghost attacked Cindy when she sacrificed herself to defeat him, and was rescued by Ray and Dwight when she was too scared to move off the platform, which resulted in Kane's defeat.

However, Kane returned in Hanson's body to reclaim Cindy once more, but couldn't when he was run over by Shorty, who was being given oral sex by Caroline.

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