Jody Sanders
Normal 028-1
Played By Ashley Tisdale
Occupation Ballet Dancer
Appeared in Scary Movie 5
Family  :Barbara Morgan (mother)
Dan Sanders (husband)
Lilly Sanders (adopted daughter)
Kathy Sanders (adopted daughter)
Aidan Sanders (son)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Katie Featherston (Paranormal Activity)
Nina Sayers (Black Swan)
Annabell (Mama)

Jody Sanders is a main character appearing in Scary Movie 5. She is portrayed by Ashley Tisdale.


Jody is the wife of Dan Sanders and adoptive mother of Kathy, Lilly and Aidan, the children of Dan's death brother, even though she doesn't like kids. They stay in a house that is presumed to be lived by ghost. They put video cameras in all the house. A few days later Jody feels the presence of a spirit who children called mum. She is the best friend of fellow ballet dancer, Kendra, and the daughter of former Swan Queen performer, Barbara.

She along with best friend Kendra are battling for the part of the Swan Queen in their ballet company's new production of the Swan Queen and facing off against former Swan Queen and psychopath, Heather Darcy. In the end Jody gives her performer to Kendra and she beat the ghost of mum, becoming she, Dan and the children into a happy family.


  • Jody is a parody of Katie Featherston's character from 'Paranormal Activity" as well as Natalie Portman's character Nina Sayers from "Black Swan" and Jessica Chastain's character Annabelle from "Mama."

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