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Played By Jenny McCarthy [1]
Occupation Student
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Mother and Father
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Becca Kotler (The Ring)

Katie Embry (The Ring)

Katie was a friend of Becka who appeared in Scary Movie 3. She was killed by Tabitha.

Scary Movie 3Edit

She first appears in the films opening when she and her friend Becka are watching television and reading magazines. Becka tells her that a TV's magnetic waves can shrink silicon molecules. Scared and screaming they try to turn off the TV using the remote but Katie holds it backwards. They then turn it off. Becka then starts talking about a videotape with scary images in it (Katie mistakes it for Pamela Anderson's porn film but is quickly corrected). When she finds out that Becka was with Josh last weekend they get excited and start hitting each other with different objects. They hear the phone ring and go downstairs. Katie answers it, and the caller turns out to be Becka's mom. Katie goes upstairs where she is killed by Tabitha. When Becka goes upstairs she finds her corpse sitting on a chair. She shakes her body and her head falls off. Becka asks her if she is OK and is killed by Tabitha as well.


  • Despite her name being a parody of Katie Embry for The Ring she is more of a parody of Becca Kotler.
  • Katie is shown to be very flexible as she is seen scratching her head with her foot.

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