Paul- Hooked /No

Tegan- gag in throat, pitchfork in stomach/ Yes

Taylor- Strangled with belt/No

Andy- bound to chair, knifed in stomach/yes

Gia- Killed in truck crash/No

Jeramy- Killed in truck crash/No

Walter- Eletricuted with defibulators/yes

Tom- knifed in chest, impaled through eye with knife/ yes

Toms sister- unknown/No

Kirby- shot in head/ yes

Angle- shot in neck/ No

Ben King- Head bludgeoned with hammer, shot in eye, knifed 2 times, shot, shot in stomach, hachet in head, shot 31 times with 9 handguns/ yes

Jake- shot in leg/no survives

Amber- impaled though back with hunting knife, shot 16 times, torso cut with knife, shot in ankle, dart thrown in hand, shot many times with sub machinegun, rug pulled underneath,shot in back/ yes

The reanimated cures 2

Michale myers- Incetagated with death ray/ no

Freddy Kruger- incentaged with Death ray / no

Andrew leatard- Fingers crushed in meat tenderize, reproducte/ no

larkinson darkenso- head ripped off/ yes

amber/ jason vorrehes/ hanson bulter- fell through hole, knifed 9 times in chest

The retailer amber return

ChestEric- Neddle in back/yes

goldfinger- Bisected with glass shard/no

frank- knifed in chest/yes

zac- Hachet in face/ no

amber- burned alive in wagon

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