Michael Jackson
00michael jackson
Played By Edward Moss
Occupation Entertainer
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 4
Family N/A
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, or MJ is a fictionalized version of entertainer Michael Jackson in the Scary Movie franchise. He was impersonated by an extraterrestrial in Scary Movie 3 and was killed during an alien invasion whilst trying to escort children to "safety" in Scary Movie 4.


Scary Movie 3Edit

Tom Logan discovers Michael in his daughter's room and hiding under a sheet. After a face off with each other Tom hangs MJ out of the window, causing him to fall and his nose rip off. When he goes down to investigate, he finds MJ's skin and an alien scurrying away into the cornfield.

In a deleted scene for the ending, Michael was shown to run over Cody Campbell.

Scary Movie 4Edit

During an alien tripod invasion, Michael is seen trying to convince a young girl named Rachel to come with him and a few other children. Her father Tom Ryan intervenes and takes Rachel away and tells the other children to run. Michael is then zapped by the tripod's lasers several times and he panics when he goes through various incarnations of himself. In the end he is completely evaporated, leaving only his nose behind.


  • He was credited as MJ in the third movie and as Michael Jackson in the fourth. His appearance under the sheet in Scary Movie 3 is a parody of The Others.
  • He is played by Edward Moss, a Michael Jackson impersonator.