00miss congeniality
Played By Tanja Reichert
Occupation Student
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family None
Current Status Alive (unconfirmed)
Parody Of None

Miss Congeniality is a minor unnamed character in the Scary Movie franchise; she was played by actress Tanja Reichert.


Miss Congeniality is a girl named Tanya, who attends B. A. Corpse High School with Buffy Gilmore, Cindy Campbell and Drew Decker. Not much is known about her life, and her full name is unrevealed. She turns up at the local Teen Beauty Contest as a second runner up to Buffy.


  • In a deleted scene, Miss Congeniality turns up as a victim of The Killer after the end of the party at Cindy's house while Shorty Meeks is watching the security camera and thinks it's a movie. She runs into the killer in the yard and flees to the car with Shorty screaming at her on TV. When she pounds at the door, Shorty dismisses her and returns to the TV after she's been killed, regretting he missed the best part.
  • Miss Congeniality also turns up in a deleted scene playing a student Cindy and Brenda meet at the front of the school; this deleted scene is not on the DVD. 

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