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Hugh Kane's Mistress
Played By Jennifer Curran
Occupation Nanny/Babysitter
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family none
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of
Mistress Kane was Hugh Kane's mistress whose ghost haunted Hell House with him.

Kane's wife, Caroline, records in her diary that she suspected her husband was having an affair with the babysitter (despite the fact that they had no children). Years after her death by Hanson, the caretaker, the ghost of the Mistress possessed student Cindy Campbell tried to seduce Professor Oldman, showing that she tried to get an affair back. She then appeared physically to Oldman later and enticed him into following her, but she transformed into an ugly monster and killed him. She then appeared to Shorty, but instead of killing him, she had quick sex with him with a paper bag over her head. She was last seen giving oral sex to Shorty after he ran over Hanson.


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