Mrs. Norris
Played By Chloris Leachman
Occupation Retiree
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family None
Current Status Living
Parody Of Emma (The Grudge)

Mrs. Norris is a supporting character in the Scary Movie franchise. She was played by veteran comedy actress Chloris Leachman.

Mrs. Norris lived alone in the former New York City residence of Henry Hale, a cursed Japanese residence haunted by the ghosts of Kayako Saeki and her son, Toshio, Henry's late wife and son. An invalid, she was tended by a string of care-workers who fled her haunted house. One of whom, Yoko, lost her bottom jaw but still remained alive. Mrs. Norris was eventually tended for by Cindy Campbell who was often distracted, letting her hair get cut off by a fan or washing her from her urine-filled bed pan.

She was last seen swinging from the laundry line in the back yard during the Tripod attack.

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