Not Drew's Boyfriend
Played By Frank Moore
Occupation Singer
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family None
Current Status Unknown
Parody Of Prince

Not Drew's Boyfriend was one of the characters in Scary Movie. He was played by actor Frank Moore.

Scary MovieEdit

Not Drew's Boyfriend was an abduction victim of The Killer. Because he tends to dress like a girl, scream like a girl and wear makeup like a girl, he was confused with Drew Decker's unseen boyfriend and taken as a hostage to terrorize her:

Drew Decker: [turns on the lights to see a Prince look-alike tied up and screaming] "That's not my boyfriend. I mean, I fucked him a couple of times, but that's it."
(the man shrieks)
Drew Decker: "Look, I'm calling the cops!"
The Killer: "Go ahead, call the cops. But you might wanna check the back door first. You forgot to lock it."


  • This character was based on singer and performer Prince whose relationship with Carmen Electra was featured in the tabloids.
  • His final fate is unknown, but he possibly lost his life behind the scenes.

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