Played By Eddie Griffin
Occupation Unrevealed
Appeared in Scary Movie 3
Family Shaneequa (wife)
CJ (nephew)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Morpheus (The Matrix)

Orpheus is a character in Scary Movie 3. He is played by Eddie Griffin.

Orpheus is the husband of Shaneequa, but his real name may be Darnell. Since she's psychic, he laments the fact that he's always taking abuses for activity he is yet to commit. The two of them help Cindy with a cursed videotape behind the death of Brenda Meeks. Initially, Orpheus refuses to help as he is trying to watch the Los Angeles Lakers game, but Shaneequa uses her psychic abilities to spoil the game's outcome (revealing that the Lakers would win by 12), causing Orpheus to stop paying attention to the game and help. Using a dial on his VCR player, he discovers a hidden image of a lighthouse that leads Cindy to the Architect.