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The Killer Scary Movie
Played By Dave Sheridan (Doofy)
Shawn Wayans (Ray)
jon Abrahams (Bobby)
Occupation Serial killer
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family Ray Wilkins (girlfriend Brenda Meeks)
Bobby Prinze (girlfriend Cindy Campbell)
Doofy Gilmore (girlfriend Gail Hailstorm)
Current Status Doofy - Alive
Ray - Alive
Bobby - Deceased
Parody Of Ghostface (Scream)
The Fisherman/Ben Willis (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Jirgen the Executioner (The Executioner)

"The Killer" is the main antagonist in Scary Movie, which was a parody of Scream. He is later revealed to be Doofy Gilmore although he ends up being copied by Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins in a series of extended murders of their classmates.

Although he is a parody of Ghostface, the Killer's mask is different from the mask used in Scream series, having more oval-shaped eyes and a mouth and wrinkles. However, he does wear the same robe used by Ghostface. The Killer's mask is known for changing expressions, such as the scene where he calls Shorty Meeks on the phone and begins a riot of shouting he came to Ray's house with a chainsaw resembling Leatherface's chainsaw "whazzzzup" where the mask is scene in a happy expression and shortly after with his tongue sticking out. There is also a scene where he gets stoned at Shorty's party and his mask changes to a squinted happy expression.

The Killer is also a parody of numerous other horror film killers, such as the Fisherman from I Know What You Did Last Summer. This is revealed when he is seen carrying a hook similar to the Fisherman's when he is at Cindy Campbell's house.

Behind the maskEdit

  • Drew's murder: Doofy as Ghostface tells Drew that he's at the back door and enters the house, attacking her. When she exits the house and hides behind the tree, there is him again, he is the one who kills her.
  • Campus teenager's murder: Gail Hailstorm shot the unknown teenager in the chest with a handgun in anger because he was making fun of her on the news. Gail Hailstorm is also Doofy's accomplice.
  • Cindy's scare at school: Doofy is responsible, because Bobby and Ray attend her school, so they would probably be in class.
  • Cindy's note: It was either Bobby, because Doofy would not possibly know about this incident nor would Ray or Doofy know about how Bobby and Cindy's picnic went last Halloween.
  • Taunting Greg in the men's room: Ray, because he was the only one of the three known to be there. While everyone was in the shower and Greg was training, Ray came back and put the photo of his penis there.
  • Greg's murder: This is possibly Ray. Bobby is with Cindy and Buffy backstage. When Bobby leaves the toilet, he probably tells Ray that Greg is alone. When Bobby asks Buffy to take Cindy home, he walks to the same direction the killer was. Goofy is a suspect as well, but Ray had the better chance of killing Greg.
  • Cindy's attack: Bobby most likely calls Cindy the first time while Ray attacks her. When she's in the bathtub, hangs up and then Ray calls her. Cindy answers the phone in the kitchen and sees Ghostface (Ray) in the living room. When Cindy locks herself in her room and tries to call the police, Ghostface escapes and Bobby appears in the window. Bobby could not be the culprit here, because he would have to go down the stairs and climb up the window, but he wouldn't have enough time. Doofy was at the front door with the killer's mask, so Bobby was likely the killer outside the house standing guard, getting ready to attack Cindy.
  • Phone call at Buffy's house: Since Bobby was locked up at the time, this was likely Ray to give Bobby an alibi. Doofy picks up the phone to talk to the person on the other line, but there's nobody there.
  • Buffy's murder: Doofy was confirmed to have killed his own sister.
  • Brenda's murder: It was perhaps Ray or Doofy dressed as Ghostface, but either way, they didn't even kill her. The angered audience at the movies attacked Brenda because she would not shut up and let them watch the movie. Anyway, the possible killer is Doofy, because Ray was "murdered" in the bathroom.
  • Heather and Kenny's murder:  Doofy is most likely to be responsible for this, because Gail doesn't help Heather when she is attacked by Ghostface, possibly because she thinks it's Doofy. Despite the evidence, the killer was confirmed not to be Doofy, so it was likely Ray.
  • Tina's murder:  The evidence points towards Ray mainly because Doofy had no reason to show up at the party. In addition, Bobby appears through the main entrance of the party while Ghostface (Ray) is escaping outside the garage door.
  • Bobby's attack and murder: Doofy attacks Bobby because Ray was thought to be dead - Bobby tells Cindy about it after sex. Furthermore, when the murderer attacks Bobby and goes after Cindy, he doesn't pursue down the stairs. When Bobby reveals that he is not bleeding, Cindy runs to the kitchen only to bump into Ray. Ray stabs Bobby a total of 18 times in a few minutes. Doofy later stabs Ray and tries to kill Cindy.

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