Exterior Signage


Interior of police station

The Stevenson County Sheriff's Department is the public law enforcement agency in Stevenson County. Considering the fact that they monitor the county, it would suggest that the unidentified city in Scary Movie is small enough to fall under the county instead of being able to support its own police department. The department does have its own jail.

Only a handful of the officers employed here have been revealed, namely The Sheriff, Ted and another officer. Doofy Gilmore is an employee of the office, but not being a real officer, his duties are possibly confined to menial filing and cleaning duties. Unfortunately, due to his handicap, he doesn't get the support of some of the officers.

The department conducts the primary investigation into the Stevenson County Murder Spree.


  • Despite being called the "Steveston County Sheriff's Office" in the exterior signage, the county is referred to as "Stevenson" by Dwight Hartman in Scary Movie 2. Given the franchise's use of sight gags and the fact the sign appears too briefly to be seen, this bio will refer to the direct quote of the character for the name.
  • There is no "Steveston County" in the United States, but there is a "Stephenson (Stevenson) County" in Illinois.
  • Since "Scary Movie" came out in 2000, the founded date of 2017 would suggest it's an error or the movie took place seventeen years after the movie.