The Sheriff
Played By Kurt Fuller
Occupation Sheriff
Appeared in Scary Movie
Family None
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Sheriff Burke (Scream)

The Sheriff is a supporting character in the Scary Movie franchise; he was played by character actor Kurt Fuller.

History Edit

The Sheriff is the senior officer at the Stevenson County Sheriff's Department. He is not exactly professional in his job, often getting into inappropriate conversations during investigations and sharing indecent photos of himself to others. He also seems barely tolerant of Doofy Gilmore who works for him and is more of a liability than an asset.

After the murder of local girl Drew Decker, the Sheriff ends up in charge of the investigation into her murder, interviewing her classmates at B. A. Corpse High School, such as Cindy Campbell, whose mother he recalls as promiscuous. However, he gets frequently distracted, showing Cindy inappropriate photos of himself in a tiny red speedo to her after arresting Bobby Prinze as a suspect. During his second interrogation, Cindy realizes too late that the real killer is Doofy Gilmore, a honorary member of the police force.