Village Sheriff
00town sheriff
Played By Brad Sihvon
Occupation "Sheriff"
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Ezekiel
Current Status Living
Parody Of None

The Village Sheriff is an unnamed character in the Scary Movie franchise. He is played by actor Brad Sihvon.

This unnamed character is the brother of Ezekiel, the village idiot in the remote Amish village founded by Henry Hale. Like his brother, he is almost completely mentally impaired, having the intellect and awareness of a toddler. He seems to have been made sheriff solely to indulge him, seeing as how Henry oversaw all the laws and justice of their community. Ironically, this seems to backfire on Henry because after Ezekiel stabs Henry fatally, his brother releases him from the village jail to do it again.

Nothing more is known about him.

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