Played By Kathleen Robertson
Occupation College Student (Scary Movie 2)
Appeared in Scary Movie 2
Family {{{Family}}}
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Theodora (The Haunting)
Theo Keyoko is one of the students that participate in the sleep disorder study at Hill House.Theo may have a chance of returning in Scary Movie 6.

Scary Movie 2Edit

Theo is a kind, sexy redhead who is a character in Scary Movie 2. She befriends Cindy and Brenda and the guys adore her. She tricks Dwight into giving her the keys and fights along with Cindy and Brenda against a possessed Hanson in a parody of Charlie's Angels. Theo is last seen at the end of the movie when the ghost of Hell House is destroyed. Theo gets out of the house alive.

Theo's breasts are shown to be literally airbags when she deploys them to keep from crashing headfirst into a wall after being thrown by a possessed Hanson.



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