Played By
Occupation Martian pilot
Appeared in Scary Movie 4
Family Saw Villain (brother)
Brenda Meeks (lover)
Unnamed child
Ghost Boy (nephew)
Current Status Deceased
Parody Of Billy the Doll (Saw series)

Zoltar is a character in the Scary Movie franchise. He is a sentient Martian doll and the brother of Saw Villain in Scary Movie 4.

When the Saw Villain captures Cindy Campbell along with her friends and tasks her to cut out her eye to retrieve a key, Zoltar is called upon to watch it happen (although she easily does the task as the key was put behind a glass eye). Brenda Meeks finds her way to Saw Villain's room and begins a fight with him, and Zoltar jumps to his assistance. Despite a conflict, the both of them make love (off-screen) but at the expense of the Martians catching STDs.

A few months later, Brenda gives birth to Zoltar's child.

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